Jody Miller - Manhattan Kansas

Manhattan Kansas ain't no place to have a baby
When you got no man to give it his last name
And her folks back in Manhattan didn't treat her like a lady
So she took her child and caught an evening train
She found a job in Denver washing dishes in a diner
At least it buys her baby milk to drink
He once told her she was pretty but the only ring it got her
Is the ring of grease that runs around the sink

Yes she laid beside him gentle cause he told her that he loved her
And he made her dance before the music played
But at least she's not a beggar she rather wash her dishes
It makes her feel as if her hands're clean

At night she stands there thinkin' bout the men back home in Kansas
And how men happen made up feel ashamed
She stares down through the soap suds reaches down and pulls the drain plug
And watches as Manhattan drains away
Yes she laid beside him gentle...
Manhattan Kansas ain't no place...
Date: 29.09.2018      View: 88