Stuck Like This lyrics

Unfortunatly me and you could not be
more unhappy with each other its true
but I..I don't understand
what makes such a nice guy
and so cold and start acting so funny with me uh
if I had a dime for all of the times
that I've tried to call you
but you didn't answer the phone
I would be a rich girl but lonely
since you always stay on one stay on one

Damn I just don't know what it is
that got me stuck like this st st stuck like this stuck like this
damn it feels like I'm dieing
I can't stop crying
what is it that's got me stuck like this

For some reason
I can't get sit this script that you got on my mind
you stay making me weak
why you treat me so mean
sometimes you use to be so sweet to me
I can't remember the last
you told me kept it real and be the way you should (huh)
you kept it real the way you should the way you should kept it real


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