JFA - Preppy

Music by Michael Cornelius
Words by Brian Brannon and Jon Haas

You're a prep and that's a fact
Originality you've always lacked
I can see right through your act

You're a Preppy, a Preppy
By any other name, you'd still be the same

Topsiders, alligators, Calvin Klein jeans
Argyle socks, you look real keen That's not your life man, it's Pierre Cardin's

You're a Preppy, Preppy
Think you're real hot, being who you're not

Of all the preppies I've been shown
I've seen something you've always known
Underneath the alligators is fucking clone

You're a Preppy, Preppy
You're so fucking lame, you all look the same
Date: 05.10.2018      View: 140