Daydream Interlude lyrics

La da da...
So sweet...
In my daydream...
Every night you creep into my dreams
It's so real but it's a fantasy
every night you creep into my dreams
it's so real
in my daydream
it's just as sweet
it is so sweet
and oh
in my daydream
it seems so real
touch me...
come into my dreams
come to me
but it's just a fantasy
it feels so sweetbut it's just not real
oh baby
it's just a sweet
daydream is all that i can do
I feel pleasure over you
in silence
i keep it to myself
come take me
don't want nobody else
la da da di da...
and it's sweet...
so sweet...
but it seems like a reality
building in the sky
but it's just a fantasy
oh baby
come into my dreams
its just a fantasy...


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