Jerry Jeff Walker - Some Go Home

A soldier rides on a train to Tennessee
And half asleep he dreams it isn't a dream
With each flick of the wheels a new face goes by
With each face he loves he turns and sighs

And he's headed home
Yes, yes, he's headed home
Tryin' to find his life again
'Cause he wonders what's become of him

Three rows back a young woman looks out the train
Her eyes reveal that her life is desperately plain
She's a woman who's seen this world and not touched one man She knows she could if she would but she can't

And she's goin' home
Yes, yes, goin' home
Back where life begins and ends
And they feel that you belong to them

That train's just movin' on down the line
Leavin' people who ever did fall behind
And you wanna begin somewhere
But you'll always take a chance out there
So you go down the line
Down the line . . .
Date: 03.10.2018      View: 186