Singin' the Dinosaur Blues lyrics

Steven Fromholz

Me and my friends are getting long in the tooth
After three or four decades of seeking the truth
Trying to recover from misspent youth
And gradually giving in to knowledge

I know a picker who moved to Nepal
And another buddy's got a little shop in a mall
Some of my brothers ain't breathing at all
And others have given up privilege
But I'm still beating on my old guitar
Singing my songs in a smoky old bar
Hitching my wagon to a shooting star
And hoping that star don't fall
I'll keep picking as long as I can
But I don't want to die just a honky-tonk man
I'm just a buffalo singing the dinosaur blues

I was out last night, just me and a partner
Ain't nothing but a fool would drink that hard
You wind up sleeping in your buddy's front yard
And you wonder what to tell the little woman


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