Pick Up The Tempo lyrics

Willie Nelson

People are saying that times take care
Of people like me
And that I'm living too fast and they say I won't last
Much longer
But little they see that their thoughts of me
Is my savior
And little they know the beat ought to go
A little faster

So pick up the tempo
Pick up the tempo

So pick up the tempo just a little bitAnd take it on home
The singer ain't singing
And the drummer's been dragginToo long
Time will take care of itself so just leave time alone
And pick up the tempo just a little
And take it on home

I'm wild and I'm mean, I'm creating a scene
I'm goin' crazy
I'm good and I'm bad, I'm happy and sad
And I'm lazy
I'm quiet and loud and I'm creatin' a crowd
And I like rabies
I'm 'bout half off the wall but I learned it all
In the Navy


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