Jerry Jeff Walker - Manny's Hat Song

Jerry Jeff Walker

Manny was a maker of hats, Manny was much more than that
He was the kind of guy, you and I would want for a friend
Manny was a regular guy, with an old soul look in his eye
He was a man of word, and true to himself to the end

Manny liked to laugh and share a good story or two
If he's a making you a hat, he needs to know some things about you
He'd say, "Set yourself down, tell us what you're thinking about
Your hat says something about you, before you even open your mouth"

Manny had a funky hat shop, south of town where everyone stopped
To sit and chat, get a hat, and maybe get a new attitude
He loved to sit up front and greet folks Take their measurements and laugh at their jokes

You couldn't stop by without staying there all afternoon
His wife Norma she sat in the back,
Sewing sweatbands in all of his hats
She listened to the radio, some times I'd sing her a tune


He made hats for a lot of great men
But none were finer then he made for a friend
He made 'em the old way, steamed, and creased 'em by hand
He'd take your old hat and make her brand new
He'd shape it any way you wanted him too
He'd fix it up fine with a porcupine-beaded hatband
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