Jerry Jeff Walker - Long Ol' Dusty Road

Jerry Jeff Walker

Seemed like only yesterday, we first drove up that road
Looking back I see it's more like twenty odd years ago
We were young and so in love, with a long long row to hoe
We came and went and our lives were spent up a long old dusty road

When we first got married, we searched to find a home
We found one at the end of a long old dusty road
We fixed it up with love and watched our children grow
The years flew by and we lived our lives up a long old dusty road

When our children came we added one room at the start
But what was really added on was more room in our hearts
Then our house went from a thing we used to a happy home
A place that shared a common face up a long old dusty road

Yeah the home is where you dream your dreams,
Date: 17.08.2018      View: 144