I Feel Like Hank Williams Tonight lyrics

Gary White

I could live my whole life
With out a phone call
The likes of which I got today
It was only my wife
Said hello then goodbye
And told me she's goin' away.

I didn't cry
It was all cut and dry
I hung up before I realized
I turned up my stereo
I walked to the window
And stared at the storm clouds outside
I play classical music when it rains
I play country when I am in painI won't play Beethoven, cuz the mood's just not right
I feel like Hank Williams tonight.

There's no explanation
Not even a reason
No talk of the good times we had
Was it Me was it her
I don't know for sure
That's why I'm feeling so bad

Hey I play jazz when I am confused
I play country whenever I lose
Bird's saxophone
Just don't seem right
I fell like Hank Williams tonight

Lately I've been thinkinI just might quit drinkin'


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