Headful Of Nothin' lyrics

Rick Fowler & Robert Livingston

Just standin' on the shoulder
Of a road I did not know.
Turn my guitar case over,
I'm gonna let my good side show.
We made love on the porches,
And the back roads of Mexico.
We must of burned out all our torches
In about a week or so.

But, I think at last I am free,Holdin' up the down side part of me.
Sun's full of yellow,
Sky's full of blue.
Been on my vacation 'bout a full year or two.

Just a high hobo in the breeze,
My pocket full of hand,
My head's full of nothin',
Boot's full of holes,
Holes full of sand.
It's gettin' on into the afternoon,
The rides are comin' slow.
I'd sure like to be in Texas


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