Jerry Jeff Walker - Dear John Letter Lounge

Jerry Jeff Walker

Well I guess it finally happened
I'm tired of running 'round
I thank you for waitin' on me
While I was paintin' the town
For years and years you stood by me
Tellin' me I'm ruinin' my life
I'm tired of all these honky tonks
And that fly by night life

Wel, tonight a bottle stands alone
In the Dear John Letter Lounge
Waitin' on me for company, But I won't be around
Find someone else to take my place
While I rejoin my wife
'Cause I'm tired of all these Honky Tonks
And that fly by night life

Old Ira's tendin' bar right now
Probably wonderin' where I am
Zekey's sharkin' pool, for five a throw
And Old Lucy Fay Lorraine's
Takin' side bets on the game
And old Pop Fox keeps sayin' he's got to go
Date: 17.08.2018      View: 128