Jerry Jeff Walker - The Heart Of Saturday Night

Yeah, you gassed her up,
You're behind the wheel
Arm around your sweet one,
In your Oldsmobile
Barrelin' down the Boulevard,
Looking for The Heart Of Saturday Night.

You got paid on Friday,
Pockets a jinglin'.
See the lights of town,
You get all tinglinAs you cruisin' with a six pack, Just lookin' for The Heart Of Saturday Night.

Comb your hair, shave your face,
Tryin' to wipe out every trace
Of all the other days in the week.
This will be the Saturday
You're reachin' your peak.

Stoppin' on red, goin' on green,
Tonight will be like nuthinThat you've ever seen,
As you're barrelin' down the boulevard,
Date: 02.10.2018      View: 133