The Strange Well lyrics

One time I saw Canada fall through a hole in the sky
I do not know if I was really sad to see her go
For in her place there was a herd of early morning cows
They moved in one direction
They knew where, when, how, why not

There is a strange well I go to
And each time
I lean, I look
I learn, I leave
I go back to town
Saying things I don't believe
My words they're just pebbles under water
They rise like flocks of birds
They are discontinued because the well has overhead and said
Are your opinions not confirmed until you tell them to someone
And is this the lonely night not real until it has been framed as one

There is a strange well I go to...

I spoke about the rosewood proud and I said this river is wise
And I said these mountains are all-seeing
Said the well--you must realize
That once again your words have pulled the universe out of place
To exist it need not have a human face


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