Zavorash - Prophecy Of Zavorash

When Our Kind Has Returned To The Valleys
When Northern Lights Fill The Skies
When The Domain Of Darkness Rises
Then All Else Shall Die
From The Frozen Realms We Shall Arise
Marching Down From The Permafrost
Turning Our Swords Towards The Shining
Until All Light Is Lost

Barbarians From The Land Of Snow And Ice
Shall Pilage And Prophane The Bright Paradise Riding Proud On Slaughter
Of Battlehorns Forseen
Unionship Of Zavorash
Universals Of The North
Adverseries Of The Weak Ones
Through Whirling Storms We Roar
The Sons Of Thunders Time Shall Come
A World In Fear Bow For Them
Before Sent To Kingdom Come
We All Their Lifes Condemn
Date: 10.10.2018      View: 95