Party At The End Of The World lyrics

Calling Paris
Come in London
Come in New York
Hello Rio
The bad news is the world is ending
The good news is theres a party
But you better get here quick

When you feel like a written off actor on Deadwood
About to get fed to the pigs
When that preachers bus from hell
Blastin just cowbell
Parks itself in front of your digs
Theres a place you can go called Tierra Del Feugo
Down in the Southern Hemisphere
Its kinda Troy without Helen
Past the Straits of Magellan
Things are always looking up down here

Cause theres a party at the end of the world (end of the world)
Where the locals do the tango twirl (tango twirl)
Forget the temples in Nepal
Cancel the fete in Montreal
Theres a party at the end of the world


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