Shook lyrics

What up yall
To all my chicas and my fly mama citas
For real
This is UOMO

Yeah yeah yeah

We was out to catch a flick
Just me and my clique
I made sure that we wasnt late
Cause the movies starting at 8
I was chillin in my seat
Took the first one i could see
This boy came and sat beside next to me
He really blew my mind

Cant concentrateFeeling sweaty
Gettin butterflies
Gettin dizzy
Gotta keep it cool
Gotta keep it fly
And remember he is just a guy
Tell me what is this i feel inside
I never felt like this before
But i got to keep it real tonight
This boy he got me shook
Cause hes lookin so fine
Hes gonna be mine
The way that he moves just gets to me
Keep shakin that thing and makin me sing
He got just what i like
Everyday of the week
My baby so sweet
Come over here lets hook up tonite
You lookin so right
Your game is so tight
This boy he got me shook


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