Fallin' From Eternity lyrics

Life has no meaning
It has been denied
My black room getting smaller
Time to commit suicide
You're ripping my soul, death oath
Satisfy my dark feelings
I never know what i am
But the only way is killing
[burasi nakarat : ]
Fallin' from eternity
Now my soul is empty
Fallin' from eternity
Nothing that i can see
Satan! hear me!,satan! take me!Someone's whispering my head
To play the world's game
I won't be thy slave
I will change my fate
God never helps me, put me in his pit
That no one sees, the bible i will spit
Religion roots forever, never be satisfied
Growing its hunger, we will even cry
Where are you god now?
Jesus,why don't you help us?
Your everything is filth
Satan, now i trust!


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