The Forsaken lyrics

What is this sadness growing inside me
Why it feels me like ı am dying
Is this the pain around me
All those days and nights ago
Beyond the dark fall on me
Tried to coax a fire in the night
Bloody tears for moon ı had cried
As a weak man suffer turned to hate
Agony ı felt it seems as a fate
I can not see the light
Calling me it's suicide
Something's wrong with this night

My soul has changed into black of agony
Voices in the darkness still coming over me
Wise man leaves nothing chance
More the thing it has used to be
Faith is not without a sense of irony

I am the one to believe in something
I am the one who's frustrating
Let me know you something about me
Yes ı am the one, the angel of deathYes ı take the souls of slaves
When the time has come ı'll show no mercy
This fucking curse has stucked on me
Never... yes, never leaving me

Is this some sort of punish for me
Behind the eyes ı see endless fear
Yes ı tried for many times
Give up taking the lies
But it's now an addiction rise
Crying for mercy in the gallows
Panic rise when walking through the shadows
Stupid smile on face the fear as it allows
Vanishing hope on the last swallow
Strange but pleasuring me
Cutting head from the body
Another soul get lost with me

Forsaken in the dark ı cursed for
Creeping in the night ı cursed for
Grief is on my side ı cursed for
Living on the edge, forsaken...


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