Comma - Rays Of Sadness

Well i seem to comprehend
The dead is done i still pretend
A mindless creep, a parasite
Unconscious moves i cannot hide

Forfeit the game of life
And take the chance to runaway
Still everything around me chasing in
Take back the time and drop me into the sky let me hit the ground and i realize

Rays Of Sadness baring down on me
Circumstances i failed to see
Bend and broken
Will i ever break the cycle of mysery ?
Addicted tu unknown,
İ search the world for answers
Defying sounds absurd,
Don't listen to what i'm saying
To lead myself for reasons,
İ stood against the god
Another dream awaiting,
To take my soul tonight

İ'm still awaiting, please take me inside
Life is waiting, don't push me aside
Now i just step aside to let your hands forgive me
You lost the iron grip my soul is free
You need to surrender before you understand
İ know it' hard, just try and pretend
Date: 08.10.2018      View: 80