Deep Scar lyrics

Welcome to the nightmare of torment
Torment that'll bring your end
Now just close your eyes
Your fate now begins

Watch the reality

Reigning of torture
When you enjoy life
When did betrayal and grief make you happy
All illusions are collapsed
The gateways of cemeteries are opening up

If you still have passion for life
Now reconsider your past

You're living an artifical happiness in a fate
That's braided in betrayal
Life, lies, destiny, virulence, affection, infidelityWelcome to reality

Keep on facing your fears
Your time of the most bitter facts are coming

You're breeding torture inside your painful mind
Hopes are lessening day by day
You can't get away from the errosion of life
Your eyes like embers your body is burning
What do you expect from life

Only dark smiles
Everybody is trying to gulp you down
No taste no joy, immense indecision in my heart

I still feel the deep scar in the center of my heart
With all my tears suffering and deep laments
I still feel the deep scar


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