Cidesphere - Catasthrope

Funeral of the scummy grey world
Our tears drown us of in the oceans of life
Why are the ones who play god decide others' death
Then ask for mercy on domms day

Every day a new war suffering is fate
Why do humans always pay the price
Why do they run towards dooms day
Now this world is a catasthrophe sphere

The art of decline no one is praying for us anymore
The errosion of tired souls cannot be stopped
Science became the art of genocide
I can only be happy for the dead ones
Blood and fire reigning us
Now the love is the only money and dead's world

The end of the light depends on seconds
Life is slowly ending

Healthless and mad here is
The nation of the violence
There is no cause only capture and destroy
The sphere of the catasthrophe is filthy black
And dishonored
There is no reason to live and care for
Date: 02.10.2018      View: 73