Demon's Days lyrics

The old town seems so dark this time
And the rain is pouring fearful drops

The sun's cold and you watch out you're drying
The mornin's so far away better start crying

The old town is weeping like a child
And the drops are pouring in candle lights

Your holy ghosts are lost and you're dying
The mornin's so far away, better start crying

Now you're crying on your bed
With your pillow in your cold hand,
You do not ask why i'm smilinKeep your tears locked in your bedroom,Run away and cry for freedom
I'm behind you

Trust your past and find your pic's
Put them in your cage and run fast
You don't ask why i'm bigger than ever
Keep your hands, your eyes, your soul still
Take it easy, your pain will never
Last forever...

I'll shred the sacred time of saints
I'll put your faith in demon's days

I'll shred the time of sinful saints
I'll put your faith in demon's days


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