Katrina Elam - Flowers by the Side of the Road

Her mama cussed
she was out of film
as her baby came down the stairs
looking right at him
his hands, they shook
as he pinned on that corsage
& she almost cried 'cause
she liked this guy
from the very start.
Should've been just another first,
not the last
beautiful moment in 2 lives
when they looked back
but now they're

Flowers by the Side of the Road
yeah, that's all that's left of the hopes & dreams of two 17 year olds.
Some dreams live on, & some they don't.
All that's left to know, all that's left to show
are Flowers by the Side of the Road.

Could've been me, could've been you
how many times have I said
I just had 1 or 2
it's a sobering thought
its a sobering sight
how like a bad, bad dream
you can lose everything
on a careless night
be the one who lives,
be the one who's gone
be the mother whose heart
has to somehow go on
but she'll leave
Date: 19.09.2018      View: 88