Victim lyrics

See the girly in the corner over there?
She's a freak show, betcha didn't know
See the way she likes to flick her long blonde hair
And her eyes bat, her momma told her that

She's got a little box of secrets she won't share
Unless you love her, really love her
Like how she keeps so thin and why she's always scared
Why she cries, why she tells so many lies

She don't wanna be anywhere else
If she did she'd (Go)
But it's all she (Knows)
She's a victimLovin' and hatin' herself
Likes to over (Do)
Ain't no big thing, she's a victim

She's a victim

See the cute boy in the other corner?
She's gonna zero in, make a mess of him
In a year he's gonna cry, she's so unfair
How she hurt him, how she worked him

He's a liar, 'cause he knew it all along
It's not the first time, just the worst time
He won't admit the fact that victims turn him on
Daddy please, won't you come and rescue me?


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