The Real Way lyrics

Mhmm, that's right, uh huh, uh huh (x4)

Walking down the street something caught my eye

A growing epidemic that really ain't fly

This middle aged lady...I gotta be blunt

Her spandex biker shorts...were creeping up the front

I could see her uterus...her pants were too tight

She mustn't owned panties

There were none in sight

She walked right by...the poor woman didn't know

She had a frontal wedgie...a cameltoe

Mhmm, that's right, uh huh, oh no!
Fix yourself girl, you got a camel toe! (x2)

Girl, that's gotta hurt

Take some time to ujust

Can't you see people staring and making a fuss?

Could not believe my eyes, had to take a second glance

Is your crutch hungry, girl? Cuz it's eating your pants!

Do you enjoy all the commotion and attention it brings?

The only lips I wanna see are the ones that sing

In public, putting X-rated show,

grossing people out with your camel toe!

mhhhm thats right uh huh oh on!

fix yourself gurl you gotta camel toe!(X2)


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