Radiohead - Follow Me Around

I see you in the dark corner of the street
Coming after me, yeah
Headlights on full-beam
Coming down the fast lane
Coming after me, yeah
I would like to change back now
To the shadow of
The shadow of my former self
It follows me around (x2)
Did you lie to us Tony?
We thought you were different
Now you know we're not so sure
Drooling looney tunes
Moving in a swarm
Moving in a swarm
It follows me around (x4)
Nowadays I get panicked
I cease to exist
I have ceased to exist I feel absolutely nothing
The words are out of ink
The words you know are out of ink
You Follow Me Around (x2)
Follow Me Around (x2)

'Meeting People Is Easy' version:
I see you in the dark
Falling down the fastlane
Coming out to me
Warm lights belong to me
Crawling out to me
Crawling out to me
You Follow Me Around (x4)
Even when you're coming down
You are standing for the world
And I can see you now
And I'm being there, to come down
You Follow Me Around..
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