My Name Is Shame lyrics

I`m all alone with my thoughts and feeling lonely in this crowded room...just
how close are we to taking this too far?...gaze into the haze and find a`s who we are
the day I was born they gave me a name
they slapped my ass and called me shame
I try to make a change, but it stays the same
my name is shame
if shame`s a game this game is lame
born to succeed and choose to lose...I was so concrete when so faces beg - amuse us if you can...turning heads is dead...get
beneath our skin
gaze into the haze and find a star...gaze into the haze, it`s who we
are...force a smile only when provoked...showing all your teeth to let them
know...cornered creatures jumping at the chance to self-preserve...the nerve
of self-defense


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