What's All This Then? lyrics

With your eyes open, doors open
you see what I mean?
but you`re still dreaming, you`re sleeping
you can`t do a thing
can`t do a thing now, you`re in now
in over your head
reach for the stars boy, not fast Ka`s boy!
What`s all this then: why are you running around?
What`s all this then: you know you`re sure to be found
What`s all this then: I told you once before
the postman may ring twice but fate comes knocking at your door.They say love lasts forever but I`m sure it lasts much longer than the time it takes for planets and stars to tear asunder, I can`t live on my own for 45 more years, the sea became a lake, a lake a pool, a pool my tears.
What`s all this then?
Sweet tear, sun ah, say o, sonno wo ho
Don`t bluff it suck it then chuck it
quit hanging around
sweet music`s playing, you`re deaf now
you don`t hear the sound
you`re just a machine, so come clean
there`s rust in your heart
stop, look and listen, before you start.


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