Wallowing In Filth lyrics

Cunting around
Disgusting fucking vile
Rank dirty whore
Toothless ficking smile,crack addicted
Do anything for a fucking fix,lack of dignity
One day fifty fucking dicks
You are filth
Unwed mother
Dead beat father
Welfare case
Your mouth is a fucking toilet
Accept accept me
I'm a filthy fucking cunt
Filthy fucking cunt
Filth fucking cunt
Body of disease
Drain on societyAbortion after abortion
Waste of fucking space
Fucking die
Accept accept me
I am a filthy fucking cunt
Fucking cunt
I am filth
Filthy fucking cunt
Your unfortunatiness is your unfortunatiness
Your sight rapes my eyes
You should be quantined
Stand up on your own
Take are of you self
I am not here to support you
Fuck you and your failings
Your weakness makes me sick
Accept me.


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