The Butchers lyrics

throw out your senses to your love, as you sit behind the line,
wonder, waiting for the thunder to come.
here we are, we're here to feed the animal inside you, inside you, inside you
face down in the water, face down
it's time, it wants you, it needs you, like a pulse beneath your skin
fucks you, fucks you, fucks you
sweat pours, like you take it, every inch of me
made this, take this, you've got no choice
wired, wired,
you've come this far to run, no hesitation now
you stick with us the fold, the format of the sound
live in a line, live in line, live in line
we're going to start the revolution
face down, in the water, face down
and now your knees start to tremble
so thanks for your service, wipe that shit off your face
we went the whole distance, no you keep the change!


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