Rivers Of Pain lyrics

[M: Cryonic Temple L: Ahonen & Johansson]

[Intro hamonies - Both]

Corrupted corporations justifying genocides
Rich destroying the poor, entertainment at home
Well dressed freak shooting from a roof
Innocents that dies, makes interesting news

Gang wars entertains you from your TV screen
Body counts are much more fun to watch than facts
A TV queen is winning a shemale beauty contest
If you do not like it, change the bloody channels

Meanwhile a hungry abandoned newborn cries
while the rats draws closer
Meanwhile a homeless junkie dies of an overdose
Why care, since its not you?

Watch the arrows cross the sky
Watch the danger in the eyeListen to the people as the cry&humans as they lie
At the rivers of pain

Staring at the TV, soaps instead of news
The remote control it makes you feel as a semi god
Living in a dream building up the walls
Exiled from the truth in you're internal world

[Repeat bridge]

[Repeat chorus]

Anger, anger, struck by wrath
Fire, fire, burns inside your soul
Pain, pain, kill the pain with drugs
Fire, fire the TV queen is lost

[Lead - Ahonen & Both & Ahonen & Both]

[Repeat bridge]

[Repeat chorus twice]


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