Bad Taste lyrics

She comes on like a freight train
Tearin' up the tracks again
She'll shift it hard into high gear
To get away from where she's been
And I heard her comin' from a mile away
Yeah, I felt the ground shake
If you wanna ride her put coal into her fire
Man that's your first mistake

Well you're smooth like silk
But you spoil like milk

You leave a bad taste honey
Such a bad, bad taste
Such a sad case honeyLeaving me with this bad, bad taste
Only comes around when there's something goin' down

Fast cars and cigarette boats
Speed with a lot of noise
Well I could not believe that news girl
You've been playin' with another man's toys
Now who's going to be the lucky one
Who will feed your hungry hands
When you're climbing real high on his money tree honey
Shake it, shake it, girl, like you did to me, yeah

Smooth like silk
But you spoil like milk



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