So Confused lyrics

hey yo hey yo

Well I know we just met yesterday
The things we go so right
As you always know just what to say
The word is on my mind

Well I feel I need a special way to ask you to be mine
Well I don't know when's the perfect day,
What's the perfect time?

[Nakarat] [I]
Babe you, leave me confused
Don't know if I
Should let you now wait it out girl
Wish I knew just what to do, I'm so confused

[Nakarat] [II]
So girl what you wanna see?Wanna see me get down on my kees
Wanna hear me baby baby please
Wanna hear me crying for mercy
Oh girl, I wish I knew your world
I think I'm loosing my head over you, girl

Well I know that it may be too soon
To know just what you'd like
But I wanna know what you'd been through
And what you want from life
It's so real the way I feel so true
It's been so hard to find
Wanna know how you feel for me too
So I make on my mind

[Nakarat] [I]

[Nakarat] [II]