Salvation lyrics

[Music: Triumphator, Lyrics: Warcrimer]

When all love is dead and all hope is gone
When you can't stand the pain that you feel everyday
Take a stand against the world and end your life
Find relief in death's sweet embrace
When you think your life has nothing more to give
When each your dawn brings suffering you cannot bear
The only way to break the chains of pain
Let your emotions control you and destroy yourself

Growing depression, bottomless despair
Unbearable incapacity
Life's bitterness, continuous self-hateEnd your torment! choose the way to kill yourself

Realize, there is no way out
There is no escape! your only way's to kill yourself
Look into my eyes and see your worthlessness
Find relief in the sweet embrace of death

Take a blade and cut your veins, take some pills and sleep forever
Put your head into the noose, there're many ways so you can choose
Take a blade and cut your veins, feel life flowing out of you
Take some pills and sleep forever, pass away and find death better
Put your head into the noose, greet your great eternal sleep
There're many ways so you can choose, have no fears - it is no use


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