Crush The Tribe Of Jesus Christ lyrics

[Music: Triumphator, Lyrics: Warcrimer]

Crush the messiah, rip his fucking heart out
Desecrate the corpse of the nailed scum
Fistfuck the mother of the crucified one
Rape her corpse one thousand times

We're to spill the blood, to kill the light
To crush the tribe of jesus christ
We're to kill your god, to crush your spine
To crush the tribe of jesus christ

Take christian pigs' dignity awayTheir destiny is pain and suffering
We're to bring closer your world's demise
To crush the filthy tribe of jesus christ

Under command of the antichrist
We are trudging over the bones of the weak
Hail satan! hail the beast of genocide!
We're the pesticide for christianity

On guard of ancient hate we stand
Waiting for the revival of the black order
In the hame of the ancient gods
Our purification's hammer falls


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