Cold Blood Eraser lyrics

Lying in wait for the hit,
Waiting to bite on the bit,
Timing and etiquette,
Tactical triggers to bring on the practical hype.

Take your chances, make advances.
Open up hearts of the scheduled targets
In order to ensure complete control delivering all
Operational acts of a novelty counter intelligently.

Make all breakers undertakers,
Set your pilot self-opinion free,
Fall down corruption, circumstances crumble
Plausible deniability, attrition shoot through knees compartment
Hated tools unyielding to the rules hashassinated.
Rifle through them synchronized cleansing.

Decapitate, take your time, don't fumble,
Fixated revelation, subsequently taken back,
Retract delay, magazines churn the barrel,
Burns systematic, don't check the targets,
Hit the resonating fear.

Betrayal of cloak n' dagger inquest a climate test,
Investigations cover up,Beds are made for being wardens of the free.
State currents abate, the body's left to wander with the tides.

Applications, moral factions,
Dictating reason and callously tactful of hate tax
Dodge facts, fire intentions,
Plant your fertilizer, bombing the vertical axis of lies.

Take your chances, make advances,
Take your aim, count
Three, two, one more time less taking all transactions
Censored directed retractions,
Take your time, mount in sight,
Blown away transactions,
Place your lie retractions, assassinate.
Practical tactical bleeding of insistence,
Alternative method of change.

Kill the messenger and his messengers,
Marring the process to pieces,
Selective assassination rules,
Making the kill-for-life killing itself for me,
But I'm sickness, it's focus is solely for systematic in extinction
To breathe back the blood revive,
Exit the real world to see what you've done to be a target.


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