The Mirror Perils lyrics

As blind as fear can be,
Its paranoid eye has something to say that can't be seen
Before it's died of age and stemming the tide.

Manifest yourself in hatred, show the world true black heart,
Enrich the decay process of the race that hates you and makes you dumb to all.
Right or wrong, corpse paint and leather don't make a heathen,
Skyclad lies in lyrics to face masked agendas,
Doctrine defenders, contradictions,
Receding hair-growth,
Be sure of which side is buttered.
No idea of the size of the picture that covers another lie.

New trend to bind to that analytical weapon of martyr domination of engines,
Dumb to what side of the fence we all stand in.
The pockets of deception are deeper than disease.
Fucked by the general mindset, burning down house on the hill of dementia.

Spoken doctrine, the printed sparks of a flammable fuckin' smokescreen.
Evil studs and leather master, batting actions,
Time-warped glam tuned down another Stryper&Slayer,The spirit decayer, Satan.

Black sheep, white meat, lend lease farming shear off fleece,
for lifestyles skinned keep it all inside of inevitability.
V-licensed bullshit maker passed down.
Laurel taker beaten up from the change to a beaten life,
Anti anybody-who-makes-free-speech.

Make your own bed in a sense of hurt,
Install revisionist doctrine to educate,
Distribute rife,
I hope you find your hell in life!
Through being lonely, soldiers of apathetically repugnant size
On top of you!

Lie in wait, white-washing scorn delivers and whys compact in another
To cover facts outcast from your Nazi persuasion.
Cutting down lies to the modern invasion,
Read between lines, decorate the sign,
Are they ever gonna be repentant?


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