Blackguard lyrics

As your sun slowly slips away
And the daylight forever dies
My darkened power emanates
Exiting the crypt as I fucking rise!

Strapping on Hades battleplate
Bloodsoaked with a holy blessing
I take the axe to my shoulder
Take to the night on my ebon fucking mare!

Into the darkness I ride
Into black depths I plunge
Your inner sorrows I consume
Until there's nothing left of you!

Driven by insatiable bloodlust
Storming my way to your haven
The skin is warm to my dark touchGripping your throat I grin fucking as you die!

A soulless and butchering wraith
Killing man and child alike
I take you down for my pleasure
Pull the axe from your motherfucking corpse!

Fleeting dreams on the wind
Destiny is brought to an end
Forever tainted bloody soil
The evil Blackguard hunts for you!

He hunts for you!

With black tidings of woe
Fear resonates within your eyes
My black armor of damnation
Hatefully forged in hell's fucking fires!


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