Infernal Dominion - Toward Infernal Dominion

they spoke of flames and infamy when spoke of where thou shalt be
toward infernal dominion
toward a voice saying, speaking of the plague that shalt be thrown
what is drawn to see?
the hooven throne that calls to thee of the ground that bred defeat
it said and shall be done
the past was sworn to lies
the children have come from wence the lamb burrowed the ground to bleed
it is said and shall be done
dark hands part the sky
upon the ground a lamb hath died contempt from the earth of a crown that bestowed all shame
darkened hand bleeding contempt
the seared, blessed, left hand path embraced
in cold blood, the earth finds a new rebirth
children cry, purified
our will is done
toward endless darkness
toward infinite damnation
toward infernal dominion
forever seen mires of hell
it is done, our will is done
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