Cobalt - Ulcerism

Kill me - Because I'm sick of love...

Joyless master calls, in foul smelling winds,
I delighted to feel blood, once again...
I sacrifice to him. Blood, blood, blood, blood.

You, who has called me, Dark and cold.
Under the sun together, we grew old.
Who washed away and left me alone.
The sun finds no beauty in the shadowless stone.

I am called by hands, that shadows hide. called by hands, that shadows hide.

May my burning wings be incense to you,
Cold eyed woman shrouded in October hue,
To see you now I must close my eyes,
Across one thousand windless years hear my cry.

I stand and stare over a vast bay,
Climbed a tree and said goodbye to the day,
I watched her sail to the land beyond,
And turned to stone when the sun was gone.
Date: 05.10.2018      View: 37