Gin lyrics

Theres blood in the air tonight,
Mammoth crawls under the ice,
Too slow to be measured in time,
Suicide painted on his eyes.
I want animal skins,
I want a house made out of it,
How much I want to crawl back inside my mother,
I want a house made out of her.

How I want to wear the blood of my father.

All the way down into the hotel basements,
Stuffing her mouth with my fingers,
This is why we're in love,
This is what I needed to show you.

Hemingway save me,
Hemingway save me,
Hemingway save me,Hemingway get me really fucked up.

Together we chose not to believe,
You are my strung out queen,
You're too sad to come with me,
Coat your Tongue with another lie about me.

Your brother betrays you.
Your friend kills you.
Your woman is dead.
The strong will inherit the earth.

I drink my,
I drink my GIN!!!!!


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