Northern Lights (Hidden Track) lyrics

Why do I feel so alone? Even the trees here seem dead to me. Why should we deny love when it visits us? Should we not accept what we are given? The wish to be truly happy, this is what dreams may become. What have I become? This storm will, this storm will pass. This storm will pass! I've been here before. Take me to the north where the cherry trees thrive and blossom. Where the symphonies of starlight dance, like an orchestra of strings upon the wind. This hollow sense of loneliness is knocking on deaths door. When will this pass. I have been here before! I have been here, I have been here before. Take me to the north, where I can feel a deeper presence - Our hearts beating. I can hear a greater calling. The hardest part is letting go. Under an array of colour. Under a tapestry of northern lights. We'll see into the beauty of everything. Only time will tell, only time will tell.


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