Nautilus lyrics

This was my hiding place, my sanctuary that I once called home -I belonged. So many times, so many concentric circles. How many times have we been here? The salty waters here brought me many tales of the deep and thoughts of forever. Am I relationship-less or just a sailor without his ship? In all fair honesty, I gave you all.
I gave you everything. If I could walk on water I'd take you out to sea. Even our heavy oars couldn't get us this far. We have only skimmed the surface of the ocean. Why were we always searching for something that was never there? -Never there. The white horses upon the sea were waiting for our dreams to grow their wings. Where the hungry come to feed the weak come to fall. I will never drown beneath your waves. This, this is never over I am moving on. Moving on! I can no longer call this place home. Happiness is only real when shared.


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