Release The Kraken lyrics

What's The Matter Brother, Does The Drought Got You Down?
(Open Up The Bomb Shelter, Sweep It On Out)
Sing To The Ocean In The Afternoon Haze,
Up The Iron Pillars, Rise In The Waves.

Andromeda Is Weeping. Inside One Teardrop Swims
Brave Useless In Training Less A Millimeter Thin.

Release The Kraken!
Get The Sacrifice On!
Release The Kraken!
Good Gd Y'all!
Useless The Younger We Pray For You.
You Know We Got Your Back In Whatever You Do.
Bathysphere Bobbing In Eyeball Bay,
Black Lash Crashes, Forty Foot Waves.

Cepheus Is Holding Cassiopeia's Free Hand
As The Kraken Breaks The Surface Making Bee-Line To The Land.

"In Greek Legend The Son Of Zeus And Danae
He And His Mother Was Set Adrift In A Chest, But Rescued By The Intervention Of Zeus.
He Was Brought Up By King Polydectes, Who, Wishing To Secure Danae, Got Rid Of Him By Encouraging Him In The Almost Hopeless Task Of Obtaining The Head Of The Medusa!
With The Help Of The Gods He Was Successful, And With The Head, Which Turned All That Looked On It Into Stone, He Rescued Andromeda And Later Metamorphosed Polydectes And His Guests To Stone."
[Brewer's Dictionary Of Phrase And Fable, 1995, Harper Collins, Page 819]


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