Mechanical Death lyrics

I never walk & I always stalk & Taking humans as my prey
Darkness in my eyes & I'm from another time & Centuries beyond humanity
Programmed to kill & I do it for the thrill & My artillery knows no shame

...Mechanical Death

True is your fear & When I appear & Under a blue lightening flash
An evil red flare & In my electronic stare & In the future I was cast
None hear your cries & I burn you alive & Turning your soul to fucking ash

...Mechanical Death
Sorrow and remorse I cannot feel
My cybergenic parts made of steel
I cross all the barriers of time
Sent here to destroy all the life

You cannot hide & My sensors will find & Thermal imaging never fails
Of all I've killed & And blood I've spilled & Children are sure to hear tales
I'm indestructible & My power supply eternal & Mechanical Death is unveiled

...Mechanical Death


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