Innerwish - Hold On

There is no time to lose, just come with me my friend
Cause from the day we're born we never really cared
We couldn't find the path to chance for a better life
In our dreams it was alive, but we never really tried.

No one can tell us what is wrong or what is right.
No one can tell how we have to live our lives
We've got to Hold On take our future in our hands
With our hearts our souls and minds to fight until the end

Hold On into our dreams
Hold On tonight
Hold On into our dreams Lets Hold On tight

Our star is shining still and gliding in the sky
Breathing the freedom, we are not afraid of dying
When passion rules the game the blindness lingers on Now we dread the path so fast and turn the pain to dust

This is the day my friend to break the prison cell
To break the rules to crush the boundaries with our hands
Now it's the time to stand and fight for what we are
In hearts there is a fire and it's burning with desire

Don't lose your faith,
carry on and follow the signs
Then you'll breathe some peace of mind,
try to be stronger than all.

Just close your eyes
Feel the warmth after the rain
That's the way to set you free
Make your choice before you die
Date: 28.09.2018      View: 47