Naer Mataron - Ode To Death (The Way Of All Flesh)

Welcome to my world. I open wide for you to behold
A magic, dreamlike world overflown by hatred
Everything here moves following the prism of death
Everything recollects the predetermined end
At the neighborhoods of the opposite people
At the roadblocks of the districts

Before the idea of destiny manifests ones soul aspiration
For the world the desire for light and rise
The fulfillment of its destination
It is strange to no man Only the expatriated, serotinous human of the city
Loses her from his eyes
Beyond the idea of destiny and throughout fear
I magically bond with the inevitable end
Death in the world of senses

[The Church of Naer Mataron:]
Let's rise above the principle of casuality
To which the fear of life tries to defend
By forming another world
Along with birth, death becomes a fact
Along with fulfillment, the end becomes a fact
We, the birds of storm and hurricane, we know this well
Date: 10.10.2018      View: 118