The Cult Of Doom And Dagger lyrics

I transcend over the waves of the centuries
Following the path traced by him who was not!
Marching against the scalding river of oblivion
Counter to the waste words of nothing
I rise my stature straight, all around me eyes devoid
Eyes sicken from the disease of lost hope
Lost youth, lost wilderness

Abyss, the black abyss
And the wraiths and fools dance the villains dance
Arrogant harlequins, runaways of Kaiadas
Acclaim the burning of the carnival

The cult of doom and dagger!

Mystic moment, dream like...Into the sacred night,
Renegade of this glare reality
It is now the hour of the great return
Into the heart of winter, before this sacred night

The cult of doom and dagger!

Into the centuries of the centuries
Comes the glorified time of bloodshed
Which shall drown Moloch and Mammon
The flock grazes on the city's fold
Oh, wolves in hunger...
The cult of doom and dagger
When the blade will freeze your flesh
You will behold the one and only truth
That ultimately you own one meter of black earth


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