Whispers Of Begotten Premonition lyrics

What is happening to me?
I dive into forbidden and sinful thoughts
I no longer see the lines, I am feeling lost
Am i what i always craved of becoming?
Or him, who always was?
Forever winner, forever sleepless, forever in love
With something undefined
Always fighting my inner daemons

Which is my destiny? Which is my ordainment?
The truth is that i know it well
But really the asseveration is what frightens me most
When i become mundane,
When my feet root into the ground
When i lose the divine essence that dwells within me
I smile with irony before your face
Shameless vagabond, free
Living for that sacred moment
When i will be free from your bonds
Observe me, flaunt me
You, my inmost Daemon
Bless my choices and curse this moment
When the devil got a hold of me

You i always serve
Under your flag i always fight
Now, i am asking you
That which i always craved
Always to live free

I overset my complete being
I shall return from the land of fire
Bearing the wind of change
And trust me, that you will witness the great meridian tide
And praise the lord
For the day of the great harvest


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